A downloadable game

This game was done as a Game Of The Week.

Players tap on the screen to deal damage and can upgrade various stats  to  grow stronger and fight more enemies.

Strength - More Damage

Dexterity - Faster Attacks

Vitality - Health

Defense - Damage Reduction

Intelligence - Special Attack Speed

Wisdom - Special Attack Damage

Each level has 10 monsters, the last being a boss monster. Every 10 levels is a new area with a different background and music.

Install instructions

This project is entirely open source. 

Downloading the zip will download the Unity project for Unity 5. It also comes with all assets.

There should be a Build Folder with an executable to run the game.


RPG Clicker 272 MB


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Love the pixel graphics, soundtrack gets repeditive quick, and theres no way to use skills or idle DPS even though theres a counter for it in the menu.  needs lots of work, but you have a fun concept!!

It's awesome! Thank you for making this game.

It's awesome! Thank you for making this game.