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Shrine Maidens is a Visual Novel using The Visual Novel Toolkit available on the Unity Asset Store.

Haru is starting a new quarter in high school with his good friend Shizuya. He encounters the jokester Ren, the classic tsundere Yami, and the aloof Mai. Yami and Mai both live at the local shrine. How will Haru experience his new high school life?

Character and Background Assets can be found using on DeviantArt.

The story/ script can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xPMfR-vLy6z1kMQulVR6FOUz__I3avzrkPmlvq5R9Bs/...

Install instructions

The zip folder contains the entire Unity project using Unity 2018.3.1.

I'll be honest. I tried to build the game and run it. For some reason I get an Write Access Violation in UnityPlayer.dll. I assume it's most likely due to the asset I'm using (Visual Novel Toolkit) doing some weird stuff and since I can't modify it, I don;t think I can fix it.

WARNING: Do not build! Run it using Unity. Apologies in advance.


Shrine Maiden.zip 255 MB

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